Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nice French tracks from 2012

Dominique A - Rendez nous la lumière (Vers la lueur)

And three rap songs.

A tribute to mothers by Guizmo.
Guizmo - Maman STP (La Banquiz)

A political song, by Kerry James.
Kerry James - Lettre à la République (92-2012)

And to finish, a single by Sexion d'Assaut, still toping French charts. I can't say i like it, but for this song has been watched 19 millions times on youtube... Also a song about the mothers...


Alex B.H. said...

Thanks for sharing! Le concept du blog est intéressant.

Scribere Est Agere

Le temps qui passe

Jennika P. said...

Hello, Can I request for you to upload again Discovering French Music? I cannot download some of the collections, they have bad link. Thank you!

Boebis said...

ok, I will re-up them, no problem.

Jennika P. said...

Thank you so much.. I will watch for them :)

Jennika P. said...

Hi, bad links specific for french music number 4, 8, 10, and 11.
Sorry to bother you.

Boebis said...

Now it should be ok. I've re-uploaded them but I forgot to change all the links in all the pages. All the mediafire links are dead but the rapidshare are allright.