Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quelques chansons pour la route

Some 2009's sounds, chanson style!

Benjamin Biolay - La Superbe

Emily Loizeau - Sister

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's up?

Brigitte Fontaine - Prohibition

Eiffel - A Tout Moment La Rue

Monday, October 5, 2009

Discovering French Music volume 8

Cover: Oxmo Puccino

1. Serge Gainsbourg – My lady Héroïne (1977)
2. Les Amis d’ta femme – Ragougnasse (Lave toi la bouche, 2000)
3. France Gall – Poupée de cire poupée de son (Poupée de cire, poupée de son, 1965)
4. Françoise Hardy – La question (La Question, 1971)
5. Jacques Brel – Le plat pays (1962)
6. Jacques Dutronc – Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille (Il est cinq heures, 1968)
7. Léo Ferré – Les anarchistes (L’été 68, 1969)
8. Sexion d’Assaut – Wati By Night (L’école des points vitaux, 2010)
9. Joséphine Baker – j’ai deux amours (1931)
10. Johnny Hallyday – Que je t’aime (Gilles Thibaut /Jean Renard, Palais des sports 69, 1969)
11. Hugues Aufray – Santiano (UK Traditionnal / Jacques Plante, 1961)
12. Les Négresses Vertes – Voilà l’été (Mlah, 1988)
13. Jean Louis Murat – Le venin (Cheyenne autumn 1989)
14.Mano Solo – Novembre (1997, Internationale Shalala, live recording of 1999)
15. Nino Ferrer – Le téléfon (Le téléfon, 1967)
16. Yann Tiersen – La Noyée (Le Phare, 1998)
17. Les Têtes raides – Patalo (Gratte Poil, 2000)
18. Ez3kiel feat. Nosfell – Lethal submission (2007)
19. Félix Mayol – Viens, Poupoule (written in 1898- 1932′s recording)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Only The Best

I hope you'll like them! Oxmo Puccino, and Mano Solo, two of my favorite singers :-)

Mano Solo - Les Chevaux d'Aubervilliers (Rentrer au Port, 2009)

Oxmo Puccino - L'Un de nous deux (L'Arme de paix, 2009). The third single of this album.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Great News!

Miossec and Tue-Loups are back! Don't miss those important French artists.

Tue-Loup releases its 8th album, folowing the solo album of their leader Xavier Plumas.

Tue-Loup - Le Camping (Le Goût du Bonbon, 2009)

Christophe Miossec is back after L'Étreinte released 3 years ago. Finistériens has been composed with Yann Tiersen (from the city of Brest like Miossec).

Miossec - Je T'Aime Quand Même (Finistériens, 2009).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here They Come

Two stars of French Music released new LPs.

Dominique A - Immortels (La Musique, 2009)

M (Mathieu Chédid) - Le Roi des ombres (Mister Mystère)

Check also the new album of We Insist! and upcoming ablums of Mano Solo.
, Benjamin Biolay, Jean-Louis Murat...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

North Sun

Oxmo Puccino - Soleil du Nord (L'arme de Paix, 2009)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

They sing in English

M83 - We Own the Sky (Saturdays=Youth, 2008) - Myspace

Diving With Andy - Sugar Sugar (Sugar Sugar, 2009) - Myspace

Sebastien Schuller - The Border (Evenfall, 2009) - Myspace

Butch McKoy (Welcome Home, 2009) - Myspace

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hype is French

Phoenix - Lisztomania

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nosfell releases Nosfell

The third LP of the incredible singer-songwriter Nosfell is fascinating! Its not the first time we write about him on French-kisses, and certainly not the last. By the way, Josh Homme is featuring on a song.

An unplugged live session with a new song, Bargain healers:

To listen to Nosfell: his Myspace for the new LP, deezer for the previous one.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excentric and Astonishing: The Queen of Kekeland

Brigitte Fontaine is a one of the most precious treasure of French music, alongside with Brassens and Gainsbourg. There is so much to say on her career: she experimented almost all styles, from chanson, to jazz, pop, arab music and avantgarde, and always with her special touch, between genius and insanity, often radical, always moving. She worked with the best French artists, but also with Sonic Youth and Archie Stepp. To my mind, her style and her importance in music can be compared to the great Nico.

To learn more about her, I let you read the article of wikipedia which is very well done (who says I'm lazy?).

Some of my favorite songs, that just give a little taste of her talent:
Dommage Que Tu Sois Mort (1968)
Comme A La Radio (1970)
Lettre A Monsieur le Chef de Gare de la Tour de Carole (1970)
L'auberge (1972)

And to not forget her recent work:
Je T'Aime Encore (2001)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Manual For Successful Rioting

I rarely write about electronic music because I know very little about it. Here, a little of Birdy Nam Nam.
Birdy Nam Nam - Manual For Successful Rioting

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A good-fellow

Alexis HK "Les Affranchis" (French name of the Scorsese's Goodfellas), from la Familia, released on March. Its his 5th album.


A French Cat meowing

Chat (means cat) is a French singer-songwriter who released her first album on February. Worth listening!

"Alice", from Folie Douce

You can listen the whole album there. Their myspace.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Yes we can", A Crab Said

simply brillant!

Directed by Arthur de Pins

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7th Sky French music

Here's the 7th volume of my home made best of French music.

In this volume, you'll find some golden gems of the 1930s with some Musette (Tony Murena), Buigine from Martinique, in the French Carribean (Orchestre Antillais d'Alexandre Stellio), and gypsy swing (master Django Reinhardt & Stephan Grapelli).

You'll also find a new wave hit (Taxi Girl), a rap song (underground rap act "ATK"), and a song of the Master Brassens.

 For the fans of Yann Tiersen and his Amélie's score, I put a beautiful piece of Eric Satie, who is I think, his main influence. The rest is made up of nice songs of the 90's and the 00's, between chanson, pop and rock, with great and beloved singer-songwriters such as Alain Bashung, Mano Solo, Dominique A, Camille, and bands such as Zebda , Dionysos, la Tordue and Tue -Loup.

At last, an experimental cover of Prokovief'sThe Montagues and the Capulet by Ez3kiel and a punk favorite by Bérurier Noir. Enjoy!

Cover: Mano Solo

Discovering French Music volume 7
1. Alain Bashung – Noir de Monde (L’Imprudence , 2002)
2. Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli- Honeysuckle Rose (1938)
3. Taxi Girl – Chercher le garçon (Cherchez le garçon, 1980)
4. Tony Murena – Passion (1942)
5. Dionysos – Song For Jedi (Western sous la neige, 2002)
6. Zebda – Mon Père M’a Dit (Le Bruit et l'Odeur, 1995)
7. Serge Gainsbourg – Variations Sur Marilou (L’Homme à la tête de chou, 1976)
8.Orchestre Antillais d’Alexandre Stellio – Mussieu Satan Faché (Au Bal Antillais: Franco-Creole Biguines from Martinique, 1929)
9. ATK – Tricher (Heptagone, 1998)
10. La Tordue – La rose et le réséda (Les choses de rien, 1995)
11. Camille – Ta Douleur (Le Fil, 2005)
12. Georges Brassens – Putain de toi (1954)
13. Dominique A – En Secret (Auguri, 2001)
14. Eric Satie- Gnossienne n°1 (1890)
15. Francoiz Breut- Si Tu Disais (vingt à trente mille jours, 2000)
16. Ez3kiel – The Montagues And The Capulets (Serge Prokovief, Battlefield, 2008)
17. Bérurier Noir – Fils De… (Carnaval des agités, recorded in the late 1980s /, live released in 1995)
18. Brigitte Fontaine – Dommage que tu sois mort (Brigitte Fontaine est… folle !, 1968)
19. Mano Solo – Barbès-Clichy (Les Années sombres, 1995)
20. Tue-Loup – Le Lac De Fish (Le lac de fish, 2007)
21. La rue Kétanou - La rue Kétanou (2000, En attendant les caravanes)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

La Rue Kétanou's in the Street

The new album of La Rue Kétanou, A Contre-Sens released!

La Rue Kétanou - Derrière ses cheveux longs (Behind her long hair, about a girl who's been raped)

Some French classics

Enjoy these videos uploaded and translated by Lightning494.

One of the most beautiful song of Edith Piaf: La Foule (cover of a peruvian waltz)

An early hit of Serge Gainsbourg, in chanson style, before he decided to sing pop: Le poinçonneur des Lilas

A great song of Brel: Les Vieux

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bye bye Alain

Alain Bashung by Ludovic Carème

Yesterday, the great singer Alain Bashung has passed away. He was 61. With He was one of the few to achieve both commercial and critical success. Fantaisie Militaire, Osez Josephine, Chatterton, and l'Imprudence were widely acclaimed as masterpieces of French rock.

Gaby Oh Gaby (1980)

Vertige De l'Amour (1981)

Ma Petite Entreprise (1994)

La Nuit Je Mens (1998)

Volontaire -with Noir Désir (2000) / song written in 1982

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pissing In The Grass

The new single of Ignatus, Dans l'Herbe, from his 2009's LP Je remercie le hasard qui. The movie clip is really nice too.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Xavier Plumas goes solo

The singer-songwritter Xavier Plumas (leader of Tue-Loup) has released his first solo LP: La Gueule du Cougouar. Here's the single, Ne Demanderai Rien (Will ask nothing).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some news

Oxmo Puccino aka the Black Jacques Brel is back with a really good new single, 365 Days, of his upcoming LP "L'arme de Paix" (The Peace weapon).

Alain Bashung, the dark Prince of French Music is the winner of the Victoires de la Musique (Music's Victories) for his LP Bleu Pétrole. He has received11 awards since 1986! Camille, Arthur H and Rokia Traoré were also awarded. Good news actually, since the Victoires de la Musique are used to award cheesy artists.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Renaud and I: A Long Story

Guest post by Pyrox

Renaud and I: a long story. I discovered him in 1989 with the opus Visage pâle rencontre public. I was 5 and he had already something like 25 years of career in songwriting and singing. His last LP, Putain de Camion, is a quite personal one (because of Coluche's death) and the selling were not that good. It announced the beginning of the end for the singer. Indeed he had become during the 80's a huge star, with a wide audience and great selling.

The story began in 1975 and this LP Amoureux de Paname (Paris' lover). At that time, he has the style of what we, French people call a "titi parisien" : some young and poor guy of the nearly suburb of Paris (faubourg Montmartre for example), with a very strong accent. He sang about this town he loves and the people who lives in its streets. With Laisse Béton (Give it up) in 1977, his style is the one of a "loubard", French mix between a tramp and a little gangster : no more cap, but leather jackets and motorcycles. But his songs are still the same : story of friends crew, girls, etc.

Musically speaking, his debut LP is very "frenchy": acoustic guitar, accordion, piano. But by the 80's, his style fit more with the period musical clichés: no more accordion, but keyboards and electrical drums. His first LP of the 80s, Le retour de Gérard Lambert sounds strongly rock. By the 90's and Marchands de cailloux and La Belle de Mai, he comes back to something closer that he used to play in the beginning of his career..

After a long break due to strong alcohol and depression problems, he came back with two good albums : Boucan d'enfer (2002) and Rouge Sang (2006). Those are quite good French chanson LPs but they's nothing compared to what Renaud used to be and represent. I'm a huge fan, but it's always nostalgic to remember what he was and what he is now. Sometimes, that hurts. But still. I love him.

And to finish, some listening. During those 35 years of career, Renaud wrote a lot of tracks deserving to be heard. On one hand hard lyrics, violent attacks against politicians of his time and one the other hand emotional songs, most of them written for his wife(ves) and his children.

Découvrez Renaud!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1,2,3,4,5... french music

A bit of everything but not anything.

Among others good songs, there are two of my favorites French rappers (Oxmo Puccino, Booba), one of my all time favorite singer-songwriter Georges Brassens, a collaboration between the 90s great Noir Désir and the Têtes Raides, a rap-accordion song (Java), some chanson classics (Mouloudji, Piaf, Bobby Lapointe, Renaud) and very old chanson, musette and gypsy swing classics (Mistinguett, Django Reinhardt, Emile Prud'Homme) electronic music (Wax Tailor) and an amazing song of the young but already great Mathieu Boogaerts.

1. Bobby Lapointe – Aragon et castille (1956)
2. Java – Ca s’ra tout (Safari Croisière, 2003)
3. Mistinguett – Il m’a vue nue (1927)
4. Mathieu Boogaerts – L’Espace (2000, 2002)
5. Oxmo Puccino – J’ai Mal Au Mic (L'amour est mort , 2001)
6. Booba – Le Bitume avec une plume (Temps Mort, 2002)
7. Arthur H- Le Jardin des Délices (Négresse Blanche, 2003)
8. Renaud – Hexagone (Amoureux de Paname, 1975)
9. Dick Annegarn – Volet fermé (Sacré géranium, 1974)
10. Georges Brassens – Le Temps Ne Fait Rien A L’Affaire (1961)
11. Les Têtes Raides – St-Vincent (Le bout du toit, 2000)
12. Mouloudji – Un Jour Tu Verras (1954)
13. Wax Tailor – Que Sera (Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies, 2005)
14. Georges Moustaki – Le Métèque (Le métèque, 1969)
15. Barel Coppet Et Mister Lof- Jeunesse Vauclin (Jeunesse Vauclin, 1972 – re-released in Tumbélé !)
16. Emile Prud’Homme – Pinsonnette (1936)
17. Django Reinhardt& Stéphane Grappelli – Minor Swing (1937)
18. Lucienne Delyle - Mon amant de Saint-Jean (Léon Agel & Émile Carrara, 1942)
19. Michel legrand – Duo Geneviève – Guy (Les parapluies de cherbourg OST, José Bartel and Danielle Licari singing, 1964)