Thursday, April 5, 2012

New French songs

A few nice songs from 2012.
I don't have much time to update the blog lately.

One of the most awaited album of the year, by Zebda, 10 years after their last album.
Zebda - (Second Tour, 2012)

Some rock :
Dionysos - Cloudman (Bird'n' Roll, 2012)

The songwriter of Zaz, in a humorous and political song about the clichés and prejudices that French from Arab descents are victims.
Kerredine Soltani - Je veux m'intégrer(2012)

A rap track by Guizmo, a very talented new comer. With a Françoise hardy sample.
Guizmo - Le Premier Chagrin du jour (La banquise)

And also:

Elephant - Rien (Rien, 2012)

Da Silva - La crise (La distance - 2012)

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