Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feelings for you

There's are chances you know the song Feelings, but do you know the story behind it? From France to Turkey, from Brazil to the World.

The song was composed by French Loulou Gasté and Albert Simonin in 1956 under the Frenh name "Pour Toi" (for you). This song was sung by Dario Moreno, a Turkish singer who made his career in France, and remembered for his catchy songs, in chanson, operetta, or latin-american influenced rhythms.

Dario Moreno - Pour Toi (OST le feu aux poudres, 1957)

20 years later, Morris Albert, a Brazilian musician, adapted the song with new lyrics in English. Without mentioning where the melody where from... It would cost him a lots of money when he lost his trial. The song became on of the biggest world hit in the history, selling millions.

Morris Albert - Feelings (1974)

"Feelings" was covered by many artists, like Frank Sinatra, Caetano Veloso and also translated in French by Mike Brant. But the best is this live recording of Nina Simone, able to turn a cheesy tune into this beautiful and moving moment. 10 minutes of grace, much better than the original recordings of Pour toi/feelings!

Nina Simone - Feelings (Jazz Montreux festival, 1976)

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