Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rock "without papers"

Some of you may have heard about it, but the President Sarkozy is trying to seduce the far-right vote with xenophobic acts and speeches, against migrants, French of foreign descent, French Muslims and recently against the romani people.

If I'm talking politics here, it's also because in 2 weeks will be held the show "Rock sans papiers" against Sarkozy's immigration policy, and especially an upcoming awful bill by immigration Minister Besson. And the musical selection of French musicians is really good! Dominique A, 113, Têtes raides, Tryo, Wampas, Daniel Darc, Jane Birkin, Jeanne Cherhal, Clarika, No one is innocent, Nosfell, Oxmo Puccino, Jacques Higelin, Sinsemilia, Cheb Bilal, Cali, Abd Al Malik....

Here's a playlist of those artists, with rock, pop, new chanson, rap, raï... with many of the best French artists from the past 15 years.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Never too late

I've been quite busy lately, but French music didn't wait for me. So I'm catching up with some nice songs of 2010!

The new single by the very young (17 years old) Camélia Jordana. She became famous with the TV contest La Nouvelle star, normally full of talentless wannabe singers. She has a very beautiful and moving voice and had the taste to chose good songwriter for her first album. Listen to the whole album there.

Camelia Jordana - Calamity Jane (2010)

The band praised as the spiritual son of Noir Désir.
Luke - Pense à moi (2010) (Think of me)

From Ivory Coast, the famous Tiken Jah Fakoly is back.
Tiken Jah Fakoly - Je Dis Non (2010) (I say No)

The new single by Féfé, of his 2009's album Jeune à la retraite (retired young)

Love songs with cheese

I don't know if French people are more romantic than others, but we do have plenty romantic ballads, where amour rhymes with toujours. For sure, we enjoy cheesy music almost as we love cheese!

Johnny Hallyday - Que Je T'Aime(1969). Arranged by Jean Claude Vannier (who arranged the cult Gainsbourg's Melody Nelson.

Claude François - Le Téléphone Pleure (1974)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I missed it

EZ3kiel - Lethal Submission (feat. Nosfell)