Thursday, June 25, 2009

They sing in English

M83 - We Own the Sky (Saturdays=Youth, 2008) - Myspace

Diving With Andy - Sugar Sugar (Sugar Sugar, 2009) - Myspace

Sebastien Schuller - The Border (Evenfall, 2009) - Myspace

Butch McKoy (Welcome Home, 2009) - Myspace


Anonymous said...

I like M83 - We Own the Sky and Diving With Andy - Sugar Sugar. Good natural background. Cute kids :)

Anonymous said...


Recently I was at a beach club and I heard a complete album that sounded as if it was a new album by Vanessa Paradis. But I checked and it wasn't. It was a Vanessa Paradis like voice (singing english) with nice summery tracks that sounded as if they were maybe 1-2 years old at most. Any clue who this might be?

Vincent (NL)

Boebis said...

I don't know. You should ask to, he knows a lot about female french singers!

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