Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bye bye Alain

Alain Bashung by Ludovic Carème

Yesterday, the great singer Alain Bashung has passed away. He was 61. With He was one of the few to achieve both commercial and critical success. Fantaisie Militaire, Osez Josephine, Chatterton, and l'Imprudence were widely acclaimed as masterpieces of French rock.

Gaby Oh Gaby (1980)

Vertige De l'Amour (1981)

Ma Petite Entreprise (1994)

La Nuit Je Mens (1998)

Volontaire -with Noir Désir (2000) / song written in 1982


Anonymous said...

au revoir Monsieur Bashung...


-sto said...


sorry this is unrelated to ab's death - i'd have a request: would you happen to have olivier libaux' "imbecile" album? that would be great since it's quite impossible to get in my part of the word.

merci en avance

Boebis said...

I didnt know him. I ve just listen to him on ( and that sounds very good! You can listen all the songs, but you have to add them on playlists. Seem that if you add more than 2 of the same album, you can't listen to the others, so just share the songs among a few playlists.

-sto said...

hi boebis,

thanks for that tip, I'll try it.