Friday, May 15, 2009

"Yes we can", A Crab Said

simply brillant!

Directed by Arthur de Pins


Anonymous said...

Hey I saw your blog linked from last FM. I would like you to translate Ebisu Rendez vous by TTC. I have started a rought translation but my french is till awful. Here it is:

Even though it’s the first time that I come, a part of me hidden deep down remembers it. The electric cables seem familiar, the paintings on the wall seem to come alive. The people passing by are so well dressed. My steps become rarer due to my fear of damaging the floor. Life in the middle of a cartoon, the worst is that everything’s the way I imagined it. I would like to take advantage of it but my eyes are too busy widening in front of every shop, every bit of town, every girl. I admit the worst is that everything’s the way I imagined it to the extent that coming here, I feel like I’m coming home. We danced all night to the rhythm of the lights and tasted sake in the rain while concluding that we deserved to be rich to be able to come back, never as much had we wished to be alive long enough to see girls braids fly off with the wind again.

I haven’t left but I’m thinking of going back and I’m scared. You hurt my heart. I notice you and then I prostrate myself, I’ve been obsessed with you for so long. I walk about and am sick of everything this town owns. I will never forget the smell of my burger and my Asahi beer while looks ****”something’d” me with a background music of Konami video games. A child is walking in a theme park, a rainbow of neon lights, a whole trunk of reasons to stay longer than a seaon, no time to lose, I don’t sleep, I record, ********* In the street I am completely dazzled. I saw you in the winter, that’s ok even though I prefer the summer. I start to go back home with a smile, thanks to you, and because of you I took a slap in the face, now the heartbeats are slowing, generating a flat calm because the storms hurt and finish off everything. I see clearly again and I want t think you for having participated. People are waiting for me but I will take the time next time.

Boebis said...

right now i m taking exam, but I ll try to help you when I 'll have more free time. A like this song too.