Thursday, August 2, 2012

Discovering French Music volume 13

It has been a long time, but I'm happy to present you the new volume of my home made compilations of French music. As usual, some old chanson, a swinging musette, some rock, a romantic yéyé hit, an underground rap by a very young artist, two covers of Brazilians songs, chansons by newcomers and many more !

This time, one of the greatest singer of the new generation, Mathieu Boogaerts, is on the cover.


  1. La Tordue – Lola (T’es fou, 1998)
  2. Benjamin Biolay - Brandt Rhapsodie (La Superbe, 2011)
  3. Yann Tiersen – Comptine d’un autre été (Amélie OST, 2001)
  4. Manu Chao – Je ne t’aime plus (Clandestino, 1998)
  5. Dogs – Secrets (Legandary Lovers, 1983)
  6. Rina Ketty – J’attendrai (1938, Louis Poterat, original : Tornerai by Nino Rastelli & Dino Olivieri)
  7. Barbara – Le bel âge (Barbara chante Barbara, 1964)
  8.  Claude Nougaro – Bidonville (1967, reprise de Baden Powell, Berimbau)
  9. Michel Fugain – Fais comme l’oiseau (1972, Michel Fugain et le Grand Bazard, lyrics by Pierre Delanoë, music : Você Abusou by Antonio Carlos)
  10. Zaz - Je Veux  (Zaz, 2010, Kerredine Soltani)
  11. Jean Tranchant – Les prénoms effacés (1936)
  12. Gus Viseur – Douce joie (1942)
  13. Maurice Chevalier – L’amour est passé près de vous (Charlys, Souplex, Gardoni, Jean Chavoit, 1937)
  14. Mathieu Boogaerts – Pardonne (Michel, 2005)
  15. Lou Deprijck/Plastic Bertrand – Ça plane pour moi (An 1, 1977, Yvan Lacomblez, Lou Deprijick)
  16. Patricia Carli – Arrête Arrête (Demain tu te maries) (1963)
  17. Guizmo – Guizmax (La Banquise, 2012)


Paulo1105 said...
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Paulo1105 said...

On ne l'attendait plus ce nouveau volume.. Merci pour cette petite dose de bonne musique française !
(Et bonne continuation !)

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is very nice! :)
I love your blog, please continue doing this...

Anonymous said...

Boebis --

This is so great, thank you so much! I love French music, and I know some of the songs you're posting, but not the majority.
I've downloaded everything except volume 9. I think it was deleted from Rapidshare. The link doesn't work. Would you put that back up for me? :-)

gros bisous,
G said...

WOW! Nice blog! Visit my blog

Tarci said...

this is the website i was looking for. merci!!!!

boebis said...

thanks everybody, I appreciate your comments :)

Johanna Broman Åkesson said...

I really like your blog and french music! I would like to know more about the history of french popular music - especially old music. To me as a musicologist it is still obscure how much the french varieté and later chansons have influenced other european music and popular music in general. Do you know any relevant books in this subject written in english? Thanks!

boebis said...

@Johanna: I don't know any books about his, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Johanna,
This is a little hobby of mine and I know some books. There are a lot of relevant things published in the UK. Peter Hawkins has a book simply called Chanson. It's a little introductory, but it's also scholarly and it has nice chapters on a variety of big names. I have a collection called "Popular Music in France from Chanson to Techno" eds Dauncey and Cannon. They are both in the Ashgate popular culture series which seems to be an English thing. I have a book called Brel and Chanson: a Critical Introduction" by Sara Poole. It's a little specific about all of his literary references, but it's still good! Plus Brel's my favorite. I got a book by Chris Tinker on Brel and Brassens but found it a little tedious. One I started that's very good is "Popular Music in Contemporary France: Authenticity, Politics, Debate" by David L. Loosely. There's a good political one by an American guy that is also in French and the name is escaping me. It was very fun to read. So there are some fun things out there. If you read French there's even more. Search on and and of course in the bibliographies of the books I listed.
Have fun!

Johanna Broman Åkesson said...

Hi Rooster,How very nice of you to tell me about what you know. I shall indeed search for these books. Thanks a lot!

Greg Rose said...

Absolutely Fantastic! This is exactly what I was seeking... Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail!