Monday, July 30, 2012

Some Frenglish songs!

They sing in English, but they are French. Sometimes they are signed on US or UK record labels and even the French don't know they are French.

It is indeed very difficult to have an international appeal when your songs are not sung in English. Here's a selection of those nice acts, even some of them lack of personality with their electro-funk-rock. They were mostly released this year, some of those bands which where found in this article.

Ponny Run Run - Run Boy Run (2012)

Stuck in the Sound - Brother (Pursuit, 2012)

Woodkid - Iron (Iron EP, 2011)

The Shoes - Time to Dance (Time to Dance 2012)

 Skip the use - Ghost (2012)

Yuksek - Off The Wall

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Anonymous said...

Good selection of videos.
Enjoyed listening to the music.