Friday, July 25, 2008

Klub des Loosers - Under the V Sign (French rap)

Klub des Loosers (Losers' Club) is an atypical French rap band. Most of French rappers are used to same cliches. Some claims to be thugs, successful with women and money, almost all pretend to come from poor and violent cities and talk about social and political issues.

Klub des Loosers is all the contrary. The rapper Fuzati is depressive, unable to date any girl, and coming from a rich and fancy family. Nevertheless, like other rappers, he describes and criticizes his social environment.

His main hit is Under The V Sign. V for Versailles, a very fancy city in the West of Paris (famous for the Palace of Versailles) where Fuzati is from. He describes conservative and hypocrite habits of Versailles inhabitants stuck in the past. He also describes the bored youth, pretending to be rebel but having nothing to struggle against and unable to overcome the family pressure.

The song is produced by the world famous electro band Air.


pyrox said...

They claim to be thugs, successul with women and money : I continue to disagree with that assertion...

Boebis said...

I changed it a little. Do you agree now?

pyrox said...

yop. Thx :-)
It's closer to that it's really are.
But o my mind, rap music must a musical style with political messages.
Tell us what those people are living and denouncing the facts or people that lead them in this situation.
That's why i like the work of diam's or Kery james for exemple.
And it's also why i don't like booba, which prefers the west coast of america gangsta rappers (and i don't like his flow either).

KK said...

Same I totally disagree. Rap shown on MTV sure sucks. And is only about showing how cool, rich you've become (+ hundreds of women trying to f*** with you).

Want real fresh rap artists?

Klub des losers, L'Atelier, L'armée des 12 (could also say TTC, but imho only the first album is worth listening).

Political issues, my top: Assassin, Rocé (so clever, so jazzy), Soklak, Kery James.

Other: Psykick Lyrikah

Abstract: Doctor Flake, Lilea Narrative...

And some others for sure.
btw: French_Quarter on lastfm.

Boeb'is said...

good list of rappers. But one can be commercialn, be broadcasted on MTV France and not talk about money or girls... like Diam's, Sinik, Sniper... To list good rappers, I would add ATK, la Cliqua, Doc Gyneco, Saian Supa Crew, Lunatic, Mafia K1 Fry, Oxmo Puccino, Hocus Pocus, IAM and NTM of course and so many others

And I disagree for the second album of TTC, its a really good one, but I agree 3615 TTC sucks really bad.