Monday, April 22, 2013

New sounds from France

Alex Beaupain - Après Moi Le Déluge

Albin de la Simone - Mes Epaules

Fauve ≠ KANÉ


mariam baurice said...
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Pascal Garnier said...

Hi, sorry to post this here, but I'm looking for your original French Kisses mixtape. The download link no longer works.
I hope you still have it somewhere so you can reup it ?

Thanks in advance !

Boebis said...

i uploaded them, don't know how long the link will'll have to ... get lucky :)

Deeksha... said...

Hey,I came across your blog while I was looking for a french song. I was hoping if you could help me.

I heard the song last April (2012) when I visited Paris and was listening to the commentary on the L'Open Tours hop on hop off bus. They played songs in between the commentary. Seemed like an old song It's a female song, I think something about going to Paris on train. The song has been stuck in my head for more than a year now. Please please help me find it. It seems like a very happy and peppy song.

And the beats are probably very similar to the following song :

I hope I've given you enough information.

Many many thanks!

Boebis said...

Hi Deeksha. It may be "Puisque vous partez en voyage", about a train, and sung by Mireille like the link you sent me.
A very nice song, and I hope it's this one you were looking for...

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Anonymous said...

Love France !

Unknown said...

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