Friday, November 18, 2011


What's new in French music? Some suggestions.

In chanson:
Camille - Ilo veyou (Ilo Veyou, 2011)

Amusing and sensitive songs very well written. Oldelaf is the guy who wrote Le café.
Oldelaf - Comme je peux (Le Monde est beau, 2011)

Luce - J'me fume (Première phalange, 2011)

A French reggae hit:
Danakyl - Quitter Paname (Dialogue de sourd, 2011)

And two big hits:

Booba, gave to French rap some of his masterpieces (Mauvais Oeil, Panthéon, Temps Mort). His new songs are not as good unfortunately, but still much better than most of French rap.
Booba - Scarface (Autopsie vol 4, 2011)

Not my kind of music, but one of the biggest 2011'shit. A mix between dancehall and varieté.
Colonel Reyel - Aurélie

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