Thursday, September 8, 2011

The tristitude

Oldelaf - La Tristitude (Le Monde est Beau, 2011)

An humorous song, by the author of Le Café. It's about a silly - funny neologism, tristitude, a word mixing tristesse (sadness), and solitude (loneliness)


The tristitude, is when you've just swallowed a toothpick
When you realized that you are father is German Swiss
When a friend calls you for his moving house.
It hurts, the tristitude

It's to cross Fourvière Tunnel, the 15th of August (famous for its traffic jam)
When you got to move to Nogent-le-Rotrou (a very small city lost in the countryside)
When you hair stylist, tells you, you have auburn highlights
It's hurts,

The tristitude, is me, it's you, it's us
It's what? It's a small distress in our voice.
It's them, it's you,
It's life that tells you that's not going alright at all

The tristitude
It's when you're chosen to be the goal in handball
When you in the Mercedes of the Princess of Wales
When it's your daughter that plays in Canal + the saturday night (porn movie)

The tristitude, It's
when you walks on a small lego with a bare foot
When during a trip in India, you drink water
When your neighbor announces to you, he starts learning saxo
And it hurts,


The tristitude,
It's when your Siamese twin tells you he has AIDS
When your wife does wife swapping but without you
When a child call you Sir for the first time
It's hurts, the tristitude,

It's becoming stylist but for Eddie Mitchell (an old-fashioned French rock star)
It's when you have to conjugate the verb "bouillir" in the subjunctive plural
Its going shopping the Sunday before Christmas



Steve Finnell said...

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Daniela Ortega said...

Loved it!

Greetings from Brazil!! :D

Boebis said...

hi :-) I 'm myself a big fan of brazilian music, Cartola, Chico Buarque and Adoniran barbosa are among my favorite artists :-)!

Alessandra said...

love it!!!!! nice post

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

I seem to think most of the French don't believe in God anymore in this dayNage; they believe in the whorizontal. I'll see you, of course, in Heaven. God bless you.

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