Monday, November 15, 2010


I've just re-uploaded the volume 6 and 7 of my "discovering French music" compilations which were not available anymore, and added a few new tracks in both. Please tell me when links are dead, I'll upload them again.


stephen frost said...

thank you so much! i really enjoy your blog and the mixes you've posted. so, i have a question...when i was in france i nabbed thousands of mp3s from friends, and something i noticed about many of them was that despite decent bitrates many songs from what sounds like the 90s and 80s, maybe 70s, sound Super compressed, like on old cassette tapes, or like the bitrate's been severely reduced...the quality is just kinda rough. but that's not how the tracks from the 60s and before sound! Barbara's "L'aigle noir" reminded me of this--and I'm not criticizing you, I'm just curious, since I've heard songs that sound like it so many times in French! Was it just the production technique? or is it difficult to get the songs on CD, so everyone ripped them from cassettes? Thanks!

Boebis said...

Hum I don't really know why the quality is low. But for sure, all the music I post are easily available in CDs in France. Maybe they were Cds ripped a few years ago with a low bitrate or poor software? Or maybe they were ripped from cassette but that would be really curious.

If you have noticed mp3 with bad quality on my compilations, you can tell me which ones, I will try to re-up with a better sound. Most of the time, when I make the compilations, I use my mp3s and rip my Cds only when I don't find them in my mp3 library, and I may not always have paid attention to the mp3 quality.