Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a French teenager is listening to in 2010? Sexion d'Assaut!

In 2010, a French teenager is likely to listen to Sexion d'Assaut. With 1,5 millions facebook fans (huge if you compare to the population of France, and the band doesn't have any international audience). The crew is definitely the greatest commercial success of 2010 with there first LP L'École Des Points Vitaux (and released on an small independent label). Their style is a very catchy rap, with dancing beats and lyrics with teenage appeal (but more clever than most radio hits), but still keep the flavor of the underground where they are from.

In October a polemic occurred about the (proven) homophobic content of the early lyrics and statements of some members of Sexion d'Assaut which lead to the cancellation of many of their shows.

Sexion d'Assault - Casquette à l'envers (backward cap). (2010)

Sexion d'Assaut - Désolé (sorry) (2010)

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