Monday, August 23, 2010

Love songs with cheese

I don't know if French people are more romantic than others, but we do have plenty romantic ballads, where amour rhymes with toujours. For sure, we enjoy cheesy music almost as we love cheese!

Johnny Hallyday - Que Je T'Aime(1969). Arranged by Jean Claude Vannier (who arranged the cult Gainsbourg's Melody Nelson.

Claude François - Le Téléphone Pleure (1974)


Penélope said...

I just LOVE "Le coup de soleil". Recently I found a version of this song by Camélia Jordana (in Nouvelle Star) and fell completely in love with it!

Boebis said...

Camélia's cover is nice, I agree. She has a beautiful voice. The singles of her albums are pretty cool, and she got 2 songs composed by the great Mathieu Boogaerts! Reminds me I haven't post 2010's music for a long time...