Sunday, June 27, 2010

He saw me nude

An "erotic" and humorist song recorded in 1926! It is sung by Mistinguett, and was later cover by Edith Piaf. It was composed by Pearly/Chagnon.

Mistinguett - Il m'a vue nue (1926)

One evening, I was bathing
My skin was all my clothes
Nobody could see me but the black sky
Suddenly the moon showed off
I was going to say, "Shut up!, baby"
When I heard by my side an emotional shout.
There was a man on a rock
Not high enough
The man said: ah!
and I, in the water
I said: ho!

He saw me nude, totally nude
Without "bra-whatsit" and "under-thing"
I blushed until the morning
He saw me nude, totally nude

I hid my face with both hands
but I think that with this unguarded gesture
I forgot to hide some others things
hide me from some little things
he saw me nude, totally nude, more than nude
he saw me nude, totally nude
I want to forget what happened
especially since there's nothing broken
but I think since that fateful night
I can't marry another man
he saw me nude, totally nude, super nude
he saw me nude, more than nude, totally nude

Some songs of Mistinguett can be listened there.

And you can read a comic strip about this song by the great Boulet, here.

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