Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kitch is everywhere

Mayde, Mayde, 80's are back. Sometimes, it would be better not to dig up cheesy French hits.

France Gall - Ella Elle l'a written by Michel Berger, 1987. Ella, She has it, is about Ella Fitzgerald.

Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a 2008


Anonymous said...

Ouch, this has been made and remade so many times, you take an old song that has some character and had success (which translate nowadays as made some fucking money), you find a younger singer, sexy, that can sing it faster while moving her body and stupidly smiling, you add some techno, electro beat, and there you are, a new product. (Well, you can't call it a song anymore :) )

Epikt said...

The result is almost worst than the "cover" of Patty Smith's 'Because The Night' (THE musical desecration of the year), but I have to admit I don't like the original song neither so it's less an heresy to me ! :P

Boebis said...

I agree, the original was already very commercial, but fun. I love Patti Smith but Because the night was also commercial compared to her others songs.

Anonymous said...

hey ! I listened this song when I was young because my mother liked it so much ( sorry i'm french and my english is bad )