Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Most Selling French Rapper

Provoking, arrogant, controversial, caricatural... the MC Booba is criticized in the same time for being both too aggressive, too commercial and too bling-bling. He's not anymore the underground icon he used to be, but has kept his unique flow and he's still hailed as one of the greatest French MC, especially for his first albums Mauvais Oeil, Temps Mort and Panthéon.

To compare him with American rappers, it would be like tupac.

One of his first song (1997), a very dark song of the time he was in the underground crew Lunatic: Le Crime Paie /  Crime pays

Garde la Pêche.

Pitbull. A more sensitive song with a sample of the Renaud's song Mistral Gagnant.

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Anonymous said...

"Seul le crime paie" translates to "Only crime pays", not make crime pay.