Monday, August 11, 2008

Discover French Music With Covers Of Brassens.

Georges Brassens, the King of French music has been covered by so many artists that listening covers of him can be a good way to discover French singers. Actually there are also awful covers, like Fernande sung by the dull Carla Bruni (the wife of Sarkozy). So here's my selection, 14 songs among plenty.

Old chanson:
Patachou - Brave Margot (Un Gamin de Paris)
Renaud - je suis un voyou (Renaud chante Brassens)
Le Forestier - Les châteaux de sable (12 nouvelles de Brassens)
Nougaro - Bonhomme (Georges Brassens et ses interprètes)

New chanson:
Têtes Raides - Pauvre Martin (Les oiseaux de Passage)
Yann Tiersen (composer of the score of Amélie)- Le Parapluie (Les oiseaux de Passage)
Juliette - la complainte des filles de joie (Putain de toi)
Weepers Circus - Quatre-ving-quinze fois sur cent (Les Oiseaux de Passage)

There are others nice covers in other styles:

Reggae with Sinsemila, La mauvaise réputation (Sinsé part en live) and Magyd of Zebda, Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète (Putain de toi)

Rap with Joey Starr of NTM, Gare au Jaguarr (Gare au Jaguarr)

Rock with Noir Désir: Le Roi (Les Oiseaux de Passage) and Dionysos, La Cane de Jeanne (Putain de toi).

Metal with Lofofora : Les passantes (Les Oiseaux de Passage)

Jazz with a whole tribute album by Eddie Davis, Harry Edison, Joe Newman, and Cat Anderson- Je me suis fait tout petit (Giants of Jazz play Brassens). There have also been a jazz tribute album by Rodolphe Raffalli. They are really interesting to show the incredible swing of the music of Brassens.

If you are curious, you can find covers of Brassens in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew! There is also a good tribute album by the french singer Barbara but it was not available for the Jiwa player; you can listen to it on deezer. There is also a tribute album Ils Chantent Brassens that I haven't listened but with very interesting singers (Michel Fugain, Françoise Hardy...).

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rickdog said...

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rickdog said...

Could you tell me who this crazy French twist band is?


Boebis said...

Thanks for the add!

The french twist band is Les chaussettes noires (the black socks). The lead singer is Eddy Mitchell, and went solo in 1963. According to wikipedia, it the first french rock and roll band. It was very popular in the youth, like Johnny Hallyday. Most of they hits was covers of american hits, like eddy soit bon/Jonnhy Be good, or Be bop a lula.

If you like this music, maybe you'll like the yé-yé music, also popular in the early 60s. (

cop said...

hey, "the dull Carla Bruni (the wife of Sarkozy)" - what a name! hahaha
I have not listened to any songs sung by her. Is there any link on youtube? I just wanna check it out and then i'll let you know if I think the same with urs or not ^_^

Guuzbourg said...

that carla bruni version of fernande is wonderful, imho. see my blog for the video.

Guuzbourg said...

Emily Loizeau did a fantastic version of Complainte too. And what about La Pompe Moderne?

Boebis said...

I really dont like the cover of Carla. I ve listened her Fernande, its on the CD putain de toi. By the way her songs all heavily influenced by Brassens, its amazing.

La pompe moderne, I think they dont cover brassens' songs but others band and try to make them sound like brassens. I remember their cover of 'je danse le mia' of IAM, very fun.

Guuzbourg said...

Christophe said...


Great blog. Not sure you know this one from Cameroon : Brassens en Afrique, from Kristo Numpuby. It's really worth discovering.

Boebis said...

thanks for the link. I didnt know this artist and I really like it. His covers are very intersting.

It reminds me the project of Sam Alpha, who covered Brassens in creole, with 3 LPs! I havent listened to him but it seems interesting

Christophe said...

You're right ! I had heard of Sam Alpha also but never had the curiosity to look for it. Here are some short samples on this (official?) website : Brassens créole.

Boebis said...

Thanks for the link. His covers are nice too. Too bad that samples are that short.

Christophe said...

Just adding the brand new cover of "La mauvaise réputation" by Sandra Nkaké in her debut album "Mansaadi", just released late October...

Jessy said...

The artist Kristo Numpuby has covered some of Brassens' songs with an interesting and fun album, Brassens en Afrique. I dubbed it Brassens a la sauce Africaine. It's worth checking out.